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Individual Tax

FREE tax advice all year round for clients whom we prepare individual tax returns for. Its our way of thanking our clients and assisting them to succeed. We offer specialist advice for clients who are property and small business focused and assist in setting financial goals, budgeting, capital gains and super.


As a specialist in business start up we provide advice on company and trust setups, bookkeeping, GST, BAS and HR along with business improvement strategies, business plans, budgeting/forecasting & tax planning. Creating a profitable business is the fastest way to build wealth but its also the most challenging, its important you get the right advice.

Company & Trust

We explain how to protect your assets and minimise your tax through using a structure. Evolution Accountants assist clients to setup company and trusts, provide structuring advice, tax planning, business improvement, BAS, bookkeeping, business marketing and strategies for growth. If you don’t have a family trust you could be paying too much tax.

Self Managed Super Fund

Learn better ways to manage your superannuation and put your hard earned cash into areas you have control over and into investments that align with your values. We provide fast setups, tax & auditing, administration and advice on SMSF property purchases – Should you need to windup your SMSF we can assist there too. Take control of your super & your retirement future today.

Property Tax & Analysis

As a specialist in property tax we assist investors, flippers, developers and portfolio building clients to build tax effective wealth through property. We provide advise on current tax rules surrounding property. We also assist client with property trusts, renting out their PPR, property analysis, loan structuring for tax, wealth creation, capital gain and negative gearing advice.

Buying a Business

We offer strategic advice, due diligence and structuring advice to get the most out of your business purchase. We assist clients in calculating the fair value, profit accuracy and negotiating the deal. We look deeper into the purchase assessing lease documents, benchmarking and setting up the right entity (company or trust) to get the best value.

Why Evolution Accountants

  1. Professional easy to understand advice
  2. Competitive pricing – with up front quotes
  3. Full service firm should your needs grow
  4. Easy to contact & after hours meetings
  5. We align with sustainable, ethical, reusable and environmental practices

Serivces you can rely on

  1. Our services are easy to access
  2. We provide quality advice by qualified advisors
  3. We have fast turnaround times
  4. We use cutting edge technology, sign documents via your smart phone
  5. We encourage calculated risk taking when planning.

Your trusted local accountant in New Farm & Springwood


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