7 Good Computer Habits

7 Good Computer Habits

Cultivating good computer use habits will optimise your operational efficiency and benefit your health in the long run too.

  1. Save often to avoid data loss, don’t rely only on “AutoSave”.
  2. Think before you print. Do you really need it in hard copy?
  3. Structured data folders. It’s quick to create a folder system and makes both backing-up and searching easier.
  4. Invest in security software to protect against viruses, spyware and other malicious threats and keep it updated.
  5. Make a note of software licence keys and store them safely.
  6. Backup. Recovering data is often impossible and more costly and time consuming than people think.
  7. Blink. Computer users tend to blink their eyes less frequently, so make it a habit to blink more often. Your eyes will thank you.

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