About us


Jye Amery
Evolution Accountants


Senior Business Accountant
Property Tax Advisor & Investor
Group Financial Controller
Property Adviser/Strategist


Registered Tax Agent
Registered Property Buyers Agent
IPA member (Institute of Public Accountants)
CPA member 2003-2014
Bachelor of Business – Accounting and International Finance
Property Investor & Developer


Evolution is a family owned business with big ideas and big dreams and offers a great lifestyle. I suspect this is what you are trying to achieve.

For me, life is about opportunities and freedom to make decisions. Its about moving in the opposite direction to the masses, being individual, shopping local, living sustainability, under-consuming resources and educating my kids. This is the foundations of what drives Evolution Accountants, its values and its staff.

I’ve been working in property investing, accounting, tax and wealth creation since 1997 and have had the privileged to work with 1000s of property investors, business owners and entrepreneurs and helped them to build their dream. One thing I’ve learnt is success leaves clues and now I share those business successes with my clients and the entrepreneur networks.

I recognise everyone has their own journey in life, some choose harder paths than others, some educate themselves, some take a punt and risk it all, while others hope that one day something will change they might even win lotto.

My passion is educating children and adults to be better money managers and wealth accumulators so they can, try the harder path, educate themselves, take a punt but minimise the downside and have some money to flutter on the big win fall. I want life to be about having fun & making choices.


Clair Amery
Client Service Accountant
Evolution Accountants


Client Service Supervisor
Client Service Advisor
HR Manager
Retail Store Manager
Tour Director


Tax preparation
Human Resource Management
Business Development
Systems Implementation
Change Management


I am passionate about business especially supporting women in business and home based or online sales. I’m also passionate about reducing our impact on the world, reusing, recycling and repurposing as well as living a minimalist lifestyle. I feel privileged to be able to assist our clients and it its comforting to know you have someone you can rely on. I feel privilege to work in our family business as it’s not just another accounting firm, not just another big corporate. Like you, we are the masters of our own destiny.

I have worked in the Accounting/Tax and Wealth Creation since 2012 and have over 15 years experience in business management. I bring a considerable amount of knowledge from key positions in HR and retail management.

I specialise in human relationships, change management, creating positive culture, staff training and system development. Working with people has always been my passion, this being the foundation of businesses and business success.

I’m excited to be part of the Evolution Accountants team and bring my experience in customer service and business management to provide you a better service.

I’m passionate about helping people and making a difference. I have my own side business called “Bonte Life” which promotes kindness, happiness, wellbeing and inspires change.