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Renovating Brisbane Property – Character Home

Owning the right investment property can be so rewarding. Not only do you have an income producing asset but you also have an appreciating asset. Knowing which property to buy can be extremely difficult and will vary depending on what your trying to achieve (your strategy). if your renovating, knowing how to renovate your property for profit can be equally challenging. Having an accountant that specialises in property can be invaluable. they can do the numbers, provide you a strategy, set you up a property trust and minimise your tax and more importantly provide you ongoing property accountant tax advice. Your buying strategy will ultimately determine what type of property you should buy. You would not consider buying a renovator if you don't have the cash reserves and you wouldn't buy a waterfront property as an income producer if your loosing $20k per year. 

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Avoid renovation/development in SMSF

SMSF Property Renovators beware!! SMSF Trustees who intend to renovate their Fund’s real estate need to be aware of a few traps in addition to the restrictions surrounding renovations to geared property. Minor work may be ignored though what constitutes minor is unclear. SMSFR 2010/1 para 75-76 describes the scenario of an accountant completing a return for their own Fund without charge. Because of the minor value of the work involved this was not a contravention.

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Brisbane Property Market is set for double digit growth

The Brisbane property market planted the seeds for growth in 2013 with many of the cities new project started and some completed... these include the the completion of the City Hall, the commencement of construction of the new "River walk" joining New Farm to the city and the tunnel break through of the legacy Way opening up the western suburbs and acreage areas like Kenmore Hills and Brookfield.

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Are you prepared for 30 June Tax deadlines?

As 30 June approaches its important to make sure you have reviewed your tax position. Its important that you book in a time to do some tax planning, make super contributions and refinance loans and investments. Its also important to ensure you have your trust deed reviewed and a trust minute prepared prior to 30 June to ensure you comply with the Trust and tax legislation. We have spaces available at our Springwood and New Farm office but you need to hurry as time is running out.

Manage your Super while you travel

The Mobile age is upon us... Evolution Accountants are systemising the approach to managing your super, bringing on board technologies and tools to allow you to manage your super, sign your tax returns and ask the questions you need to ask while your traveling or working away. We are focused on delivering our services to our clients making it easier for them to achieve financial freedom and build there wealth without the obstacles and out dated procedures of the past.

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