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Looking to build property wealth & become financially free?

Surely there is more to life than going to work, paying bills, sleeping and getting up the next day to do it all again… Surely there is away to reduce your expenses and build investment income streams so that you can spend less time earning (labour) and have more you time? Its a concept that has been driving Evolution Accountants since 2008 and we have cracked the code.

The good news is there is a way to work less and have more fun and freedom in your life and its starts with utilising your money in better ways. Investing in property is one of many ways you can add more income to your family budget and become financially independent sooner. But what is it that really pushes your wealth along… is it simply earning more?, is its simply spending less? or could it be more about both and having better tax outcomes so you have more disposable income?

Simple question:

If you earnt $100k from employment (37hr week) and pay $27k tax you would have $73k to live on and invest with right.

If you earnt $100k by investing in assets, how much tax would you pay? and more importantly how much extra disposable income would you have?

The answer is different for everyone… and that’s why we have developed tailored meetings… your outcomes depend on how you structure your financial affairs, whether you utilise a family trust, is it capital income (selling assets) or normal income (deriving rents/dividends), how old your children are, if your spouse is working and if you have other incomes. Ultimately the question you should be asking yourself is how much tax am I paying (typically 37 – 45% tax) and do I have options to pay tax at 30% or even 15% or perhaps reduce it to NIL on the next dollar I earn?

What ever your personal circumstances you have options and its time to explore them – Correctly structured, your tax could be a fraction of $27k and you could earn your income without spending your days in traffic and doing the 9-5 grind.

Our meetings work for singles, couples and families and explore the basics are investing into the right income producing assets (not all property is worth buying) and utilising the tax benefits to put more money in your pocket to invest and derive more income for you and your family (the compounding effect).

How we can help…

    • Wealth creation strategies
    • Property tax preparation
    • Pre-purchase property advice and property reviews
    • Strategic portfolio building
    • Property trust setups
    • Advice on tax effective loan structures
    • Capital gain tax & negative gearing calculations
    • Restructuring
    • Property portfolio analysis and wealth building
    • Starting a property renovating business
    • Budget & expense tracking

Get the edge with an accountant that understands wealth creation, property, shares and business and has the tax knowledge to put it all together. We offer one on one meetings to discuss your needs. After hours and interstate phone/skype meetings available