Brisbane Property Market is set for double digit growth

Brisbane Property Market is set for double digit growth

The Brisbane property market planted the seeds for growth in 2013 with many of the cities new project started and some completed… these include the the completion of the City Hall, the commencement of construction of the new “River walk” joining New Farm to the city and the tunnel break through of the legacy Way opening up the western suburbs and acreage areas like Kenmore Hills and Brookfield.

Historically Brisbane follows 3rd in line from Melbourne and Sydney in growing property prices… We saw Sydney last year achieve significant double digit growth… with Brisbane only moderate growth… this sets the property market in Brisbane for a big year in 2014.

With interest rates at historical lows and demand building my bet is that we will see double digit growth this year.  We are already seeing strong demand for our property advice sessions just 2 weeks in to the new year… with investors looking for growth and clients looking to expand their portfolio.

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