Business Improvement

Business Development and Growth


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Evolution Accountants has the skills and knowledge to move your business to the next level .

Wanting to grow your business, pass on to a valued employee/family member, thinking of franchising or getting ready to sell your business.   We can assist you to improve your business as we are the specialists  in business improvement techniques and strategies for the 21st century.

Services we offer

  1. Business restructuring
  2. Strategies for testing and measuring performance
  3. Budget analysis and cost cutting
  4. HR and staffing arrangements/employment contracts
  5. Setting up subcontractor arrangements (securing services)
  6. Target marketing
  7. Testing and measuring your sales staff
  8. I.T  & Phone cost reductions
  9. Flexible working from home arrangements (access to technology)
  10. Developing your website and social media
  11. Branding for growth

We specialise in business improvement, testing, measuring and creating profitable strategies.


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