Business advice, strategy, tax returns and xero bookkeeping

Building a business and owning a business are 2 different things. When your starting out cashflow is tight, there is lots to learn and when you do make money you have to ensure its utilised to build your inventory and scale so your business. You'll be wearing expected to learn how to target market, correctly price your goods and services and keep track of your business performance.

When your a business moves to the next level, managing employees and automating your business will come your focus. You will need to develop key performance indicators (KPI's) so you can pinpoint areas to improve. You will be an expert in seeking out opportunities for growth.

No matter which stage of business your in, its important to have all the facts, understand all the numbers and explore the opportunities in front of you. Thats why we have created tailored business meetings with accountants that specialise in understanding the numbers. They have experience in providing strategic advice and can give you real life examples to assist you to build your business.

We assist business clients too:

  • Explore a business idea and document a strategic approach
  • Forecast cashflows and debt repayments
  • Setup the right Company and trust structure
  • Prepare tax returns
  • Develop business KPI and performance reports
  • Strategic Analysis/Budgeting/Planning
  • Benchmarking & BAS
  • Setup a Xero bookkeeping platform
  • Integrate apps and I.T Solutions

HR Employment Services

  • Contractor Agreements - tailored or templated
  • Service Agreements - tailored or templated
  • Employee Agreements tailored or templated
  • HR Policies and Procedures Manual
  • Ethics Policies

Put yourself in a winning position and create a relationship with one of our experienced accountants.