Business Advice, Strategy, Tax returns and Xero bookkeeping

Building a business and owning a business are 2 different things. When your starting out and building your business cashflow is tight, there is lots to learn and when you do make money you have to ensure you are building in systems and that scale so your business doesnt get bottle neck and you end up spending 90 hours a week there. In addition, you're probably wearing a tonne of hats producing sales, marketing, doing the actual work, invoicing and administration. Its hard work and its time consuming.

When your a business moves to the next level, you have staff in key areas (labour consuming areas) of your business and you should be automating what you can. You will be more focused managing staff and on the KPI's of the busienss, the growth strategy and seeking out opportunities.

No matter which stage of business your in, its important to have all the facts, understand all the numbers and explore the opportunities in front of you. Thats why we have created tailored business meetings with accountants that specialise in understanding the numbers, have experience in providing strategic advice and can give you real life client examples to assist you to build your business.

If you join the VIP Club you will be dealing directly with the Principal who has built many small businesses personally and provided strategic advice to 1000s of others. The Principal actively invests in property and shares and advises client on wealth buildings. Our firm deal with family businesses right through to multi-million dollar turnover and franchises businesses.

Is it time to get the right advice - have you outgrowing your accountant?

 Our business services include:

  • Strategic advice
  • Company and trust setups
  • Tax return preparation
  • Business Registrations ABN, TFN, GST, PAYG etc
  • Re-structuring to protect your assets
  • Business development/budgeting
  • Strategic Analysis/Budgeting/Planning
  • Benchmarking
  • Xero/Myob Bookkeeping GST and BAS
  • I.T Solutions so staff can work from home


HR Employment Services

  • Contractor Agreements - tailored or templated
  • Service Agreements - tailored or templated
  • Employee Agreements tailored or templated
  • HR Policies and Procedures Manual
  • Ethics Policies

Put yourself in a winning position and create a relationship with one of our experienced accountants.