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Renovating Brisbane Property – Character Home

Owning the right investment property can be so rewarding. Not only do you have an income producing asset but you also have an appreciating asset. Knowing which property to buy can be extremely difficult and will vary depending on what your trying to achieve (your strategy). if your renovating, knowing how to renovate your property for profit can be equally challenging. Having an accountant that specialises in property can be invaluable. they can do the numbers, provide you a strategy, set you up a property trust and minimise your tax and more importantly provide you ongoing property accountant tax advice. Your buying strategy will ultimately determine what type of property you should buy. You would not consider buying a renovator if you don't have the cash reserves and you wouldn't buy a waterfront property as an income producer if your loosing $20k per year. 

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Is now the right time to buy an Investment Property?

The rental property market is very strong in all the major cities around Australia and finding one that ticks all the boxes can be hard. Realistically if you have a steady income and your job is secure, its never been a better time to buy

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National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) just got better!

NRAS 2012 figures released  The current collective figure of $9,524 p.a. (made up of $7,143 from the Fed Govt & $2,381 from the State Govt) is about to be increased to $9,981 for the coming year - 01/05/2012 to 30/04/2013.

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RBA has dropped interest rates

The RBA met today as they do every month to discuss the economic conditions facing Australia. Expectations were that the board would reduce the cash rate by 25 basis points or 0.25%. However to everyone's suprise the RBA reduce the cash rate by a massive 50 basis points or 0.50% Evolution Accountants welcomes the RBA decision which will mean a boost to the property market which should see a turnaround in property prices, building industry jobs and struggling families.

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Jye gives insite into Brisbane Property Market & SMSF setups

Jye spoke at a Property Network function last night... which was a huge success he discussed how to setup and buy a property in a SMSF. Jye also gave an invaluable insite into making money in the Brisbane property market and gave his own examples of how he succeeded and through out boom and bust... feedback today was fantastic


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