Introducing Evolution iConnect…. Managed business IT solutions

Introducing Evolution iConnect…. Managed business IT solutions

Evolution Accountants are teching up… we are taking business to the next level!

We welcome our new business Evolution iConnect which is bringing IT business solutions to a whole new level.

Does your business need IT support, computer servers, business phones, website design and hosting… Are you wanting to keep your computer gear up to date, work remotely, have your data backed up, easily expand your business, have employees work from home or work while you travel… Keep reading!

Evolution iConnect is all about simplicity and flexibility in your IT services… No more expensive hardware or onsite IT guys and expenseive system downtime.

Save thousands in setup costs and hardware that will out date, customised your business, easy setup and maintenance, build capacity in your system, create uniformity and easily update software for the entire workforce.

We specialise in setting up your server, remote desktop solutions, business phones and PBX and website hosting solutions to your business… what does this means is you can, work off your laptop or ipad anyware… expand or reduce your work force and have them all access the same data… full offsite backup and recovery and Phone systems where you can transfer your calls to other staff worldwide like they are in the office next door, add professional phone menus and your business will never be the same again.

Onsite computer maintenance in the rare case you need it while all your server is expertly managed by offsite IT experts 24hrs a day.

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