Manage your Super while you travel

Manage your Super while you travel

The Mobile age is upon us…

Evolution Accountants are systemising the approach to managing your super, bringing on board technologies and tools to allow you to manage your super, sign your tax returns and ask the questions you need to ask while your traveling or working away. We are focused on delivering our services to our clients making it easier for them to achieve financial freedom and build there wealth without the obstacles and out dated procedures of the past.

Imagine you could organise your end of year tax returns and audits for your Self Managed Super fund from your PDA while traveling Australia… Caravan setup, kettle on the stove, kicking back watching the waves roll in… you may even want to get some advice, restructure or buy an investment property you have seen… well now you can!

More and more clients are looking to the future and engineering themselves a better mobile life, moving, traveling and working away, managing and making the daily decisions on the fly and seeking the advice of a suitably qualified  CPA Accountants which they can have regular contact. Our Accountants are CPA trained and will form your hub of advice, helping you every step of the way.


Lets have a look at some SMSF statistics produced by the ATO….

In 2012 financial year their were 36,270 new Self Managed Super funds established in Australia. This brings the total amount of SMSF existing in Australia to 478,263.

  • 8.2% of these fund member were aged 25-34
  • 24.5% were aged 35-44
  • 30.9% were aged 45-54

with 72.5% of the members earning less than $100,000 in taxable income. and in the financial year ended 2011, their were 11% of SMSF with less than $100,000 in super fund assets. This would indicate that more and more younger people are managing there own super.

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