Our First Blog Evolution!

Our First Blog Evolution!

I attended the CPA Public Practice Program training over the weekend at the Hilton in Brisbane.    I thought at first this would be a draining two days of listening to accountants and socialising with accountants, not what I thought I would like to be doing on my weekend break.

However I was delightfully surprised (and must be a true accountant at heart) because I LOVED IT, so much so I could go back and do it all again tomorrow.  I must say also BIG SHOUTOUT to the Hilton, the service was AMAZING and the food, well……………………

The course was very practical, it taught us how we should ‘run our business as a business’ which is something we all think we do everyday, but get so bogged down with the day to day stuff we forget about what we are really actually supposed to be doing on an ongoing basis everyday…………………….

Although I’ve operated and managed an accounting firm for the past decade, it was refreshing to learn that I was pretty on the mark with my processes and concepts but we all need to be able to reignite that passion and move the envelope even further and concentrate on what is important and how to grow every aspect of your business.

What I really enjoyed learning was the amazing and fast moving world of ‘social media’ and that we need to move on this before we are left behind in the e media world.  Terms such as ‘google juice’ are fast becoming the key drivers in your business and you need to be up to date on this and work it to keep yourself up there in promoting your business which includes your website.

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