Social Media

Social Media

Social Media marketing is untapped for most businesses… want to attract more clients? want to target your market? its vital that you learn to use social media to market your products and services.

What are the 10 most critical factors in dealing with Social Media to promote your business?

  1. When linked back to your website, social media channels will increase traffic flow to your website.
  2. Establish your website as the ‘hub’ of your communication, and integrate social media channels within this strategy to optimise website traffic.
  3. Social media can assist with the positive perception of your organisation – are you up with the times?
  4. Increased performance and improved productivity of staff are acknowledged as traits of organisations that utilise social media – however establish clear policies and guidelines for its appropriate use.
  5. Social media is about sharing information, often in real time – social media is not selling and spam.
  6. The top four social media options (to get you started) are (i) Blog, (ii) Facebook (professional), (iii) YouTube and (iv) Twitter.
  7. Social media ‘should’ be a very cost effective form of communication engagement.
  8. If you can ‘find’ thirty minutes per day you can ‘resource’ a social media strategy effectively.
  9. When segmenting your client base and target materials, consider there are now a growing number of clients that prefer electronic media.
  10. You have a ‘short window’ of time to get a jump on your opposition…so start now!

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