Evolution Accountant welcomes Bill Parkes

Evolution Accountants welcomes a new team member… Welcome Bill Parkes. Bill is at the pinnacle of his career and brings immense accounting, tax and business development knowledge to our team and is an expert in interpreting legislation. Agian... Welcome to the ever expanding Evolution professional team.

Growing your business – Step 1 – Know your areas of improvement

By focusing on a few key strategic focus points, one business worked out that they could potentially turn their profits from $15,000 to $100,000 in one year.  This sometimes seems too good to be true…..this does not happen overnight, but if you don’t focus on the important focus points for your business, it might never happen….that is a certainty!

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7 Good Computer Habits

Cultivating good computer use habits will optimise your operational efficiency and benefit your health in the long run too.

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Our First Blog Evolution!

I attended the CPA Public Practice Program training over the weekend at the Hilton in Brisbane.    I thought at first this would be a draining two days of listening to accountants and socialising with accountants, not what I thought I would like to be doing on my weekend break.

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