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Think opportunistically…..

Tip #1 Adop the right mindset: In a downturn, having the right attitude is more important than having the right answers.  Take an inventory of your past successes – the achievements that have occurred despite difficult circumstances.  Believe in yourself.  Focus your energies on what you’re good at.

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Business potential………….

By focusing on a few key strategic focus points, one business worked out that they could potentially turn their profits from $15,000 to $100,000 in one year. This sometimes seems too good to be true…..this does not happen overnight, but if you don’t focus on the important focus points for your business, it might never happen….that is a certainty!

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Bookkeeping made simple – Banklink saves you time and money

BankLink provides accountants and businesses like yours with solutions to simplify the accounting process – letting you spend less time on your accounting and more time on your business. Through your accountant, BankLink automates and streamlines your accounting by virtually eliminating manual data entry and the collection of receipts and bank statements.

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Success story with ATO

We have successfully negotiated full remission of interest and penalties with the ATO for a client in excess of $13,000…………doing things differently!

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Flood Levy Updates For Individuals

The ATO have imposed a sliding scale flood levy for individuals who earn more than $50,000 per year this comes in to force from 1/7/2011 An example would be for those of us earning $80,000pa you will be hit with a $150 levy for those on $100,000pa it will be $250 and those on $150,000 the flood levy will be $750

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